Updates attributes of the app with the given name.


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puter.apps.update(name, attributes)


name (required)

The name of the app to update.

attributes (required)

An object containing the attributes to update. The object can contain the following properties:

  • name (optional): The new name of the app. This name must be unique to the user's apps. If an app with this name already exists, the promise will be rejected.
  • indexURL (optional): The new URL of the app's index page. This URL must be accessible to the user.
  • title (optional): The new title of the app.
  • description (optional): The new description of the app aimed at the end user.
  • icon (optional): The new icon of the app.
  • maximizeOnStart (optional): Whether the app should be maximized when it is started. Defaults to false.
  • filetypeAssociations (optional): An array of strings representing the filetypes that the app can open. Defaults to []. File extentions and MIME types are supported; For example, [".txt", ".md", "application/pdf"] would allow the app to open .txt, .md, and PDF files.

Return value

A Promise that will resolve to the app that was updated.


Create a random app then change its title

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    <script src="https://js.puter.com/v2/"></script>
        (async () => {
            // (1) Create a random app
            let appName = puter.randName();
            await puter.apps.create(appName, "https://example.com")
            puter.print(`"${appName}" created<br>`);

            // (2) Update the app
            let updated_app = await puter.apps.update(appName, {title: "My Updated Test App!"})
            puter.print(`Changed title to "${updated_app.title}"<br>`);

            // (3) Delete the app (cleanup)
            await puter.apps.delete(appName)