When passed a key and a value, will add it to the user's key-value store, or update that key's value if it already exists.

Each app gets its own sandboxed key-value store in each user's account. Apps cannot access each other's key-value stores.


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puter.kv.set(key, value)


key (String) (required)

A string containing the name of the key you want to create/update. The maximum allowed key size is 1 KB.

value (String | Number | Boolean)

A string containing the value you want to give the key you are creating/updating. The maximum allowed value size is 400 KB.

Return value

A Promise that will resolves to true when the key-value pair has been created or the existing key's value has been updated.


Create a new key-value pair

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    <script src="https://js.puter.com/v2/"></script>
        puter.kv.set('name', 'Puter Smith').then((success) => {
            puter.print(`Key-value pair created/updated: ${success}`);