Copies a file or directory from one location to another.


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puter.fs.copy(source, destination)
puter.fs.copy(source, destination, options)


source (String) (Required)

The path to the file or directory to copy.

destination (String) (Required)

The path to the destination directory. If destination is a directory then the file or directory will be copied into that directory using the same name as the source file or directory. If the destination is a file, we overwrite if overwrite is true, otherwise we error.

options (Object) (Optional)

The options for the copy operation. The following options are supported:

  • overwrite (Boolean) - Whether to overwrite the destination file or directory if it already exists. Defaults to false.
  • dedupeName (Boolean) - Whether to deduplicate the file or directory name if it already exists. Defaults to false.
  • newName (String) - The new name to use for the copied file or directory. Defaults to undefined.

Return value

A Promise that will resolve to the copied file or directory. If the source file or directory does not exist, the promise will be rejected with an error.


Copy a file

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    <script src="https://js.puter.com/v2/"></script>
    (async () => {
        // (1) Create a random text file
        let filename = puter.randName() + '.txt';
        await puter.fs.write(filename, 'Hello, world!');
        puter.print(`Created file: "${filename}"<br>`);

        // (2) create a random directory
        let dirname = puter.randName();
        await puter.fs.mkdir(dirname);
        puter.print(`Created directory: "${dirname}"<br>`);

        // (3) Copy the file into the directory
        puter.fs.copy(filename, dirname).then((file)=>{
            puter.print(`Copied file: "${filename}" to directory "${dirname}"<br>`);
            puter.print(`Error copying file: "${error}"<br>`);